The 411 on why I've been so MIA.

So many of you have asked if you somehow were dropped off my email list because it had been so long since you’d heard from me. :) I wouldn’t. Ever! Or you wondered why I hadn't posted in months on this blog. 

2015 was a really transformative and deeply challenging year. It was full of changes and family needs, and it asked me to prioritize in a big way. Toward my loved ones and in-the-flesh connections and, in the last several months, away from social media, my newsletter, and this blog platform. But I miss connecting with you all in this way. So here I am.

I also started writing again. For a living. I’m doing some branding, storytelling, and copy for organizations and companies. It feels so good to use my voice in a whole new way. But it meant I had to pull back on some of my classes and focus a little less on my teaching career. I’m still teaching my Sunday morning group class at Yoga Tree Potrero. I see a lot of you there every week, which I love (!), and it’s one of my favorite times of my entire week. The rest of my focus is on my private clients, who I teach out of Studio 20, which my movement collabo partner, Caitlin, opened in January of this year. And Caitlin and I are about to get back on the retreat horse, so stay tuned! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each of you. Community is everything to me.