With a reputation for her intuitive approach, Leigh Ferrara’s teaching style is one you won’t find anywhere else. She operates on the belief that transforming your body goes hand in hand with inner work, and she weaves together a powerful practice of physical and emotional healing. Her study of the way trauma impacts our bodies deeply informs her teaching approach, and she creates a safe, nurturing, and grounded environment, allowing her students to reach a deeper level of connection with their bodies.

Drawing on the science of the human body, gifted adjustments, and a skillful eye toward postural alignment she delivers a unique movement experience, inspired by yoga, Pilates, and other therapeutic modalities. Her classes combine subtle exercises and breath work to build a foundation for more ease and joy off the mat and Leigh’s playful spirit brings a lightness to her classes making the deep work balanced and accessible. She credits her mind-body methodology to unique collaborations with Bay Area Pilates professionals and physical therapists, as well as her training in yoga therapeutics and trauma-sensitive yoga. As a Lululemon ambassador, she has nothing but gratitude for her on-the-ground community who supports her spirit beyond her wildest dreams.


Leigh credits her approach and knowledge to a large number of special teachers and mentors she has had the opportunity to work with over the course of her career. She has mentored under San Francisco-based physical therapist Harvey Deutch; collaborated and co taught with Pilates teacher and biomechanics whiz Caitlin Kolb; and worked closely with some of those most innovative yoga teachers in the business. She believes strongly that the sensation-based approach of somatic therapy that she absorbed firsthand and through mentorships with master somatic coach Meredith Broome and Isaak Brown is the basis for why her classroom feels as safe and grounded as it does. And the list of PTs, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, Ayurvedic practitioners, and energy workers who have influenced the way that she shows up for her students is very long. 

Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Harvey Deutch, 100 hour

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training with the Trauma Center at Harvard's Justice Resource Institute , 40 hour immersion

Yin/Insight Meditation Teacher Training with Sarah Powers, 40 hour immersion

Leadership Training with Off the Mat, Into the World , 40 hour immersion

Teacher Training with Yoga Tree, 200 hours