In 2014, Leigh and fellow movement innovator/biomechanics genius Caitlin Kolb launched the New R&R, a new modality for healing through the body. By combining their out-of-the-box approaches to Pilates and yoga, The New R&R is an innovative practice for transformation and healing. With new tools and greater awareness, this subtle yet powerful practice of movement, breath work, stillness, and ease, can help you reset and recondition the physical and emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Each class is carefully crafted and incorporates a creative use of props, helping you discover and deepen the conversation between you and your body. By deepening this dialogue, you’ll gain access to the knowledge your body already holds and gain the ability to incorporate it into your every day. It will aid your healing, improve your fitness, and elevate and empower your life. 

The New R&R: 

This is a unique afternoon of movement, stillness, and breath work, geared to reset your nervous system and repattern your body. Through carefully crafted movement and creative use of props, The New R&R allows your body to move again in the way it innately wants to. This practice helps unwind tension patterns that no longer serve you and aids in finding more freedom for your body and more ease and joy for your life.

We're setting our dates for the fall. Check back again soon for our schedule. Workshops are held on Saturdays, from 1-4 pm, at Magnolia Wellness Center (Broadway and Van Ness). 

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