Unwind. Recover. Recharge.

We store stress and trauma in our bodies. This is the cold, hard truth. But what’s also true and makes things a little warmer and fuzzier is that through movement and presence of mind we can learn to release tension that we have built over time.

Unwind. Recover. Recharge. is not your typical yoga class. Through a unique blend of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates, and other therapeutic modalities, this practice will help you learn to gently unwind contraction in your body. Those tight spots can cause pain, discomfort, or simply agitation and anxiety. In this class, we’ll breathe, move, and stabilize to help you realign your physical body, allowing for a deeper connection to you and an opportunity for more healing and freedom. You’ll be surprised by the dramatic results of this subtle movement practice. It will leave you feeling both totally unwound and energized in the same breath.

In 2014, Leigh, and Pilates innovator Caitlin Kolb, founded The New R&R, a unique approach to movement and healing. Some of what you’ll see in Unwind. Recover. Recharge. is greatly inspired by this collaboration. 

Offered as a group class at Yoga Tree Valencia in the Mission district of San Francisco, CA

Sundays: 11 am-12:30 pm


One on one sessions

private sessions in a safe and healing environment at Studio 20 in the Mission district of San Francisco, CA

for more information and availability contact Leigh here.

We live a fast-paced, hyper-aroused world. And this has an effect on the health of our nervous systems and the other systems in our bodies. Leigh believes that we can heal our bodies by slowing down so that we can recommit to our natural breath patterns and body-based rhythms. In private sessions with Leigh you will work with movement and breath patterns inspired by yoga, Pilates, somatic therapy, and other therapeutic modalities to aid in unwinding patterns of stress and holding in your body that are no longer allowing you to live life with ease and freedom. She works with people who are recovering from injury, have suffered emotional or physical trauma in the past, or who are interested in simply slowly down and reconnecting more with their bodies.

The New R&R

for more info or to sign up for upcoming workshops and retreats email Caitlin and Leigh here: thenewrandr@gmail.com

In 2014, Leigh and San Francisco-based Pilates pioneer Caitlin Kolb launched the New R&R, a new modality for healing through the body. By combining the mindfulness, breath techniques, and emotional side of yoga with the brilliant biomechanics of Pilates, The New R&R is an innovative practice for transformation and healing.

Corporate Classes

for more information and availability contact Leigh here.

Leigh's current and past clients include: Strava, Coverity, Mother Jones Magazine, Medium, AirBnB, and The Yoga Journal.


Leigh brings a sense of peace to an office. Through a slow practice of movement, breath work, and relaxation techniques, inspired by yoga, Pilates, and other therapeutic modalities, Leigh creates an environment for unwinding and recharging.